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Information about airlines to Budapest

MALÉV (Hungarian Airlines)
Aer Lingus
Air Berlin GmbH & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
EUjet Budapest

Fly Snowflake
Sky Europe

The largest airport in the region is equidistant from both Keszthely and Hévíz, in Sármellék, and via its 2500 metre concrete runway it regularly takes charter flights too.

Information about airlines with flight to Balaton - Sármellék (FLYBALATON)

Berlin - (MALÉV)
Information: www.malev.hu

Dortmund - (DauAir)
Leipzig - (DauAir)
Information: www.dauair.com

London - (Ryanair)
Information: www.ryanair.com

Stuttgart - (MALÉV)
Information: www.malev.hu

Zurich - (Helvetic)
Information: www.helvetic.com

Information about Siófok-Kiliti Airport

The favourite for small sporting planes is the Kiliti airport next to Siófok, whose ILS radio navigation system and warning lights make it possible to receive and send aircraft even at night and in poor visibility.

Address:     8611 Siófok-Kiliti 
Phone:        +36 84 322-655
Phone:        +36 84 322-101
E-mail:        lhsk@bud.hu

Transfer from airport is possible.